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Gabriel... You have a terminal disease...


“I understand causality, that it is up to me what will happen...
Former thoughts, words and actions became my present state and right now I am sowing the seeds of my future”


Yes, now I better understand, after...

Now I know how I came to hear those enlightening words, and now, looking back, I see clearly how I allowed this to manifest.

Today I have regained my health, more.. I have vibrant health!

It’s the subtle things we do each moment which makeup our days and so our lives...

A slight change in the course of a ship or plane may change its eventual destination by hundreds of miles, so too a slight /subtle change in our lifestyle will result in a tremendous and transforming return. It is really an excellent investment for you receive far more than you invest.

There are an infinite number of subtle changes we can make that will change the course of our lives directly, and because everything is interconnected, this world, the universe.

This site is dedicated to all who suffer and to all those who find hope from my story... but it's up to you what will happen, if you take heed to the warnings found here you may save yourself and your loved ones from much unnecessary suffering… Please do...

Please read my story and more about my intentions...


Meet the author...

gabriel forzano

Gabriel Forzano A.P.

Acupuncture Physician


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"small changes create large movement"

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