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Detoxify and Cleanse our Bodies

Many of us have only thought or heard of detoxifying as it relates to drug and alcohol treatment. Someone you know or heard of, Ozzy Osborn maybe, submitting themselves to treatment, perhaps checking themselves into a "program" to "detoxify".

Well just like them, most people need to detox, no, not from drugs or alcohol, but from years of acuminated toxins, bad fats, dead (necrotic) tissue (cells) which reside in our bodies, all taxing our immune systems, all stealing our health and laying wait for opportunity to strike us down with some debilitating disease, some chronic like diabetes, high blood pressure, some acute, like cancer, lupus and heart disease.

This need not be our fate, we can be healthy, we can be well, but just as we change the oil in our cars ever 3000 miles, we also need to change our oil, cleansing the environment of our bodies.

So how do we cleanse our body?

It must be done in steps, addressing each of these major organs, until we are clear of the waste which has been laying around in our bodies for far too long...


One of the first things I addressed after being diagnosed was the cleansing of my elimination tract.  I knew after years of abuse, mindless eating, and consumption of pharmaceuticals, it was full of nasty stuff that had become stagnate, sitting there lining the walls of my system, fermenting into a poison which had now contributed to my body's diseased state. 

Like many of the sweet blessings I received during this time, I was introduced to this fine woman who has since then has become a wonderful friend and colleague.  Her name is Ingrid, and she is the author of this piece that follows... enjoy...  


Introduction to Colon Hydrotherapy
Ingrid Gnoth-Nelson

Colon Hydrotherapy, colonics, is a simple procedure whereby the large intestine or colon is gently cleansed with purified water in a professional setting.  One colonic is equal to twelve to twenty enemas depending on which authority new study area

What is very important to remember is that all major systems of the body have nerve impulses linked to the colon, and doctor Norman walker (author of the well known book “Colon Health” a must read book, in my opinion, for anyone truly interested in maintaining and achieving good, high quality health) believed that every illness begins there.  By the way, according to a good source, Dr. Walker passed away in 1985 at the young age of 119 – he must have been doing something right!

His theory makes sense if we believe that fecal debris built up in a particular area of the colon (up to 50lb) will affect the organ that the particular area refers to via the nerves located there and the amount of fecal impaction at that site.

Doctor Walker stated, “each sack in your colon as depicted in the “colon chart” is related to a particular part of your body. That is why colonics help different people in so many different ways.”

Today, with so many refined foods in the diet of many people, stress, and unnatural ways of living, build up in the colon seems almost to be imminent. Doctor Walker also states that when one eats refined or cooked foods, it is like a mop going through the colon, as opposed to a nunnery find, raw foods which is like a scrub brush going through the colon. That is a statement, which has always stayed in my mind.

Colon hydrotherapy can be helpful in cases of many different dis-ease as of the body, some been constipation, diarrhea, parasitic infestation, the depression, skin conditions, and, in my opinion, many of the major illness is so rapid that today.

Colonics remove toxins by loosening and eliminate the old, impacted fecal matter from the colon walls and or impacted material stored in the folds of that:, as well as by stimulating the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system detoxify.   Colonics eight in the restoration of peristalsis (this natural movement of the colon is necessary cause expulsion of fecal matter) and helps the return of normal intestinal flora when this waste is removed.  In other words, cleansing the colon helps bring back the acid – alkaline balance, thus allowing friendly bacteria such as, lactobacillus acidophil to thrive, while at the same time inhibiting disease-causing organisms.

For those who were wondering, colonics do not cleanse or move into the small intestines were absorption of nutrients takes place since there is a small valve called the ileocecal value prevents this from happening.  The small intestine is cleansed with the help of intestinal cleansers and other nutritional aides.

It is my opinion that, when colonics, along with proper nutrition such as an outlined in doctor walker’s are practiced, our health will be greatly enhanced and better maintained.

More soon...................


"small changes create large movement"