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The Seven Subtle Steps to Health

Here are my seven steps to health. I must admit there are not just seven, and for some there may be even less, for the path to becoming whole, especially when returning from a diseased state, is not cut and dry, not so clear as some may think or as some might have you believe.

Some may think there is a clear cut way for this is how we’ve been taught; for as we grow and learn we are given an almost mathematical formula for the way things are, and so if one falls away from that path one just has to turn around 1+1=2 * 2-1=1. This is all well and good in math, but unfortunately not so in biology, not in practical biology.

Now concerning those who would “have“ you believe X, Y or Z… hmmm in my opinion it’s either ego or profit that motivates them. I’m sure all of you have been sick from time to time and as such have reached for a remedy. Those offering such remedies are in the business of selling and it has been my experience that once “business” comes into pay truth becomes very elastic. (as my practice continues to unfolds it is my promise to not permit this to occur)

So who can we trust? The answer is clear, but most either cannot or don’t want to hear the answer, it's you.  We are the only ones who truly know what will work for us.  I can hear the voices coming to me through space “but I’m not a doctor, an herbalist, pharmacist, how can I know?”  We know the ultimate truth; it is available to each of us.  I don’t expect every person with a disease to go off to thea university to learn medicine in order to make their medical chooses, others have done that for you, but what we can and “should” do is to become intimately acquainted with ourselves both on a spiritual and physical level.  I want you all to be able at any moment know what your body needs and to have the spiritual confidence that the information you’ve received is truth, your truth and therefore can be relied upon.

Steps five and six help develop this confidence. Number five “make a spiritual connection” is the suggestion, number six “quiet yourself” the method, one which will offer you the clarity needed to see through all the lies and misinformation and to find and use the things that will return you to health, and if not sick, keep you well and cultivate that health to a much higher level.

These are seven starting points and depending on your state for health body and mind your ability to follow these and benefit will differ.  These are by no means step by step instructions, but a foundation to build from, they, I’m sure may bring up more questions than answers, for this I apologize, but I offer a remedy, the remedy is me. 

Please feel to contact me (email).  I’m here to help, my fees are reasonable and I’m always willing to work with those who have limited finances.  I am one who has been there, who was told more than once “I have the cure” only to be turned away for lack of money.  I promised myself I would never do the same to any human being. This is not about money, although we all need to survive, it’s about freeing those who suffer from their suffering. I have great trust my needs will always be met as long as I keep my side of the bargain.

1. Cleanse/Detoxify Your Body

2. Nourish Your Body With Real Food

3. Better Your Physical Environment - become conscious of your physical surroundings, begin to remove toxic items from your home, car, and work space... Exposure is one of the major contributing factors to disease.

4. Move Your Body (not necessarily exercise, as we think of it, but a set of natural movements) walking, Gabriel's Qigong, wall squats, and avoid stagnation (non movement) for long periods of time, especially if you're sick.

Rebounding is excellent for moving lymph (lymphatic system) but must be done correctly/mindfully or else it will do more harm than good. Do not follow the instructions given by infomercials that sell mini trampolines. Their intention is to use the device/exercise as a substitute for running or other western calisthenics. These were not meant to heal, but to build muscle and endurance.

Here’s my suggestion. Use alternating step like movements, without toes leaving the trampoline. First with hands at your side, fingers extended, softly reaching towards the floor. Then, one arm at a time reach up with a slight twisting movement at the end of the reach, while the other hand continues its downward movement, then switch and continue, (two-five minutes per side for beginners) finishing again with both hands down...

I find this pumps lymph well, is less taxing to the body, and offers little opportunity for injury...

5. Make a Spiritual Connection - meditate, pray, chant, read scripture, have faith, have confidence, don't lose hope, help others.

6. Quiet Yourself - Learn to meditate and walk in quiet mindfulness, live a more peaceful existence.

7. Nurture Companionship - don't hide if you're sick, go out, hang with positive people, find those who will encourage and speak healing things to you and into you, get quiet with you, move with you, dance with you and love you.



"small changes create large movement"