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Addiction, substitution and food cravings.

What I write is not what I have read, been taught, etc. No, instead I am speaking from my experience. These are the very things that saved my life, literally returned me from the grave. Please view them as such. These words are “born of space”.

What you’ll find here is a converted dialog. I do this to not in any way offer the identity or expose the energy of any of my friends and/or patients. I leave just  a couple short sentences to set a foundation...

The conversation was in response to a question I received from a woman with whom I had been speaking concerning “RAW” food diets and their affects on one’s health. The question of the amount of sugar she’s consuming; and my observations concerning its manifestations, why, and my suggestions for remedying the situation.

gi... "Because there is nothing else sweet (yes even fruit, eat it mindfully, and don’t juice it alone) on this planet that is not harmful, (to her) why substitute, why not just stop consuming it?"

 friend x... “WOW... I think that is a great statement!!!”

gi... “Thank u…”

friend x... I haven't heard anyone else ever articulate this thought, however, it has passed through my mind as it's an area I struggle with.<<<<

First… I am a peculiar person. For some reason I have been permitted to live when all others have died.  So with this fine gift in hand I promise to help all I can.

Next… Look around... look at the absence of replies…(this was an online forum) Everyone wants to be RAW, but few are willing to do it as Dr Ann did; at her retreats there was very little fruit offered, a few berries and none for those with active disease. Her smoothies were green, except when she added some beets.

 >>>>She then asked me to compare “different addictions i.e. sugar, carbs, etc.. and how she might find relief...<<<  

To me it doesn’t matter what the “thing“ is, for the things we abuse we also become addicted to, sometimes allergies set up, and still, although allergic, we crave them. A bad bad cycle…

The only way to truly break addictions is total abstinence... not substitution, but doing without the thing completely.

Society has tried the substitution thing with heroin addicts, the results are not positive.

In the seventies I worked as a group therapist for NYC Addiction Services Agency. I saw many addicts (mostly heroin), some went to therapeutic communities where they were drug free and went to group therapy three and four times a week. Many of them never used again. 

Others went on the Methadone program (a synthetic heroin)… they all died, not right away, but sooner or later, for they were all still addicted, just to a different drug that offered the same effect. Sound familiar? Hmmm…

This is what happens each time we substitute, we continue the addiction… If we substitute sugar with other sweet things, we stay addicted and sooner or later resume the addictvie behavior we thought the substitution has broken.

>>>>Concerning smoothies – how to deal with not sweetening them?<<<<

The only reason people add fruit to their green smoothies is for sweetness... It adds very little else, makes the greens harder to digest and raises one’s blood sugar… Why mess with it?

Breaking an addiction is a meditation… a perpetual mindfulness of "why we do what we do". It’s about not permitting our body to dictate to our mind what to do.

This is not as it “should” be… Jesus sweat drops of blood, Buddha sat under a tree and Gandhi fasted, all in preparation and/or as a vehicle of righteous doing…


Doing what is correct for us is not always easy, but it will bring about the desired results...

First, the thing at hand... Our body gets well...

Next, even more important... Our mind becomes strong and still… Once this occurs everything is open before us. We have cultivated discipline… only someone with this character trait can truly be a disciple (of anything, anyone) Discipline will help u break every habit!

We can come to enjoy savory things... make our smoothies spicy, even hot... use plenty of cayenne pepper, ginger, etc… This will cause us to drink them slowly (a good thing) and have faith, you’ll learn to love it and soon find the craving for the other will have disappeared… POOF!

Substitution is especially harmful for our children for once addicted to this flavor (sweet) they will have to spend a lifetime dealing with it... Not a nice gift for a parent to give.

Yes, that’s what I said… Give your children a chance to live well…


A few mails ago I suggested meditation. Let me explain how it works...

When we sit quietly, watching the stream of consciences pass before us, thoughts will arise, as they do we recognize them, name them, and let them pass… 

Like a leaf on a stream, we see it, say ‘oh a leaf,’ but don’t chase it downstream all day. We just let it pass…

Do you see what is going on? We are training our minds; we’re becoming familiar with how our mind works. Now, when the thought comes “let me do this, do that” we see it, name it, and let it pass…

This is meditation… The Tibetan word for it means “ to get to know oneself” This is how we gain control of our lives, how we win and not lose…

Ok... let's review...

I send you all waves of grace and blessings to help you to do what you must…

Big Blessings…


"small changes create large movement"