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Have you heard the concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe is slowly being reduced? This means we have to breathe more air to get sufficient oxygen. Now the link between insufficient oxygen and disease is firmly established. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce. Researchers have found that the human body was originally designed to grow and operate at a 50% greater concentration of oxygen than what's currently available. It's also a fact that cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic (low oxygen) environment and die in the presence of oxygen.

When we breathe down into our abdomen we massage all of the organs contained therein, with every breath we move lymph, massage and encourage proper function of the liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, and our entire digestive system. What a wonderful bonus and more proof that the natural "inborn way" brings life and that this "subtle change" is one to be made.

Knowing these things, how do we return to this natural way of breathing? There are many fad protocols that may or may not work, but there is one fool proof technique that can't help but work. BREATHE!

Yes breathe. Now that might sound too easy, and it would be if people were only aware of how little air they are actually breathing, but most are not, most people breath very shallowly, with small, short, weak breaths. Most never make a mindful, conscious effort to breathe properly and to train themselves not only to do so, but to keep doing so.

If you want to know how we should be breathing, just consider a baby, watch how the child's belly moves up and down as they breathe, their chest hardly moves at all, but their sweet little chubby bellies go up and down. This is called diaphragmatic breath, or belly breathing, and it is the way it "should" be, but we've lost the knack.

We've somewhere along the line began to breath into our chests instead of our bellies, our diaphragms move upward instead of down, squeezing our lungs together instead of letting them fall and open wide.

No wonder we've killing our cells, no wonder we've set up an anaerobic environment which breeds disease and death.

Fortunately it's easy to fix and will cost you nothing but your attention. Below you'll find a simple method to get your breathing under control, and then by an act of your will, carry on and make it automatic, changing your life forever.

Stand or lie down comfortably on your back. Follow your breathing for minute or two with your attention. Take notice of what moves.

Place your hands on your belly with your two index fingers touching your navel. Watch and feel your hands move with your breath.

You may notice your belly wants to expand as you inhale and retract as you exhale. Let this happen, but don't force it.

If your belly seems tight, rub your hands together again until they are warm and then use them to massage your belly, especially right around the outside edge of your belly button. Notice how your belly begins to soften and relax.

belly breathing

Continue to breathe mindfully, do this everyday, also, during the day bring your attention back to your breath, notice whether you're belly or chest breathing, if your not belly breathing, reverse the process, intentionally begin to do so.

This takes no time at all, while on the computer, driving, walking, whenever your awareness is brought to it, pay attention and soon what was unnatural will become natural and you will have returned to your natural state and you will be far better off then you where before. Breathe... Please do...


"small changes create large movement"