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We Are Creators

We are the result of the performance of our creator and as such we are creative beings, but the life that we live and the technology we use has almost completely removed us from the creative process.

Many years ago, the time differs depending on where one lived on this earth; and only a few survive today, daily we were in the process of creating and observing creation. In an agrarian sociality, men would turn the earth, plant the seed, water, harvest, and raise livestock, women took the product, separated the wheat from the chaff and made bread, milked the animals and made cheese, kefir and yogurt.

We are creators... We are a reflection of the one who made us.

The homes we lived in were also created by us, either as an individual, a family or community, as the Amish still do; we made our homes, barns, furniture, and even the oil we burned in our lamps.

Building, growing, cooking.

Today we look outside ourselves for creative people, to artists, musicians, actors, writers, poets and singers, we leave it up to them to create.

We admire them because they do what God does, we've come to worship these "people" for they are doing these god-like things, the very things we should all be participating in. They've become our gods, we've come to differentiate them from ourselves, we've made them something other than ourselves, something godly because they are projecting the very image of the creator. If we would all do these things, we would see that we are all creators, made in the image of God.

However, we don't write, we read, we don't play music, we listen to it, we don't cook, we heat up, we don't harvest, we shop. We have fallen out of the loop. We have stopped acting like our Father.

Even in the closest expression of God's creative process many are staying away. Having children in our society has become difficult financially, inconvenient socially, and a stretch emotionally for far too many. How can we sense who we are if even in this very basic and primal act we are removing ourselves?

Children grown up alone, families are small, extended families are also small or non existent, children don't hold babies, they don't get to see life coming and going, they have been removed from the context from which they came, they've lost their God connection, the wonder is gone, it's been transferred to Harry Potter.

God help us.

Therefore, what can we do? Just do simple, subtle things, begin to create, sing a song, write a letter, a poem, draw a picture, play an instrument, or learn, grow something, cook something, bake. Create or join in the creative process. I promise something spiritual will happen, you'll connect again to the one who created all things, and you will become a little more like your Creator.

Blessings gabriel


"small changes create large movement"

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