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Detoxify and Cleanse our Bodies

Many of us have only thought or heard of detoxifying as it relates to drug and alcohol treatment. Someone you know or heard of, Ozzy Osborn maybe, submitting themselves to treatment, perhaps checking themselves into a "program" to "detoxify".

Well just like them, most people need to detox, no, not from drugs or alcohol, but from years of acuminated toxins, bad fats, dead (necrotic) tissue (cells) which reside in our bodies, all taxing our immune systems, all stealing our health and laying wait for opportunity to strike us down with some debilitating disease, some chronic like diabetes, high blood pressure, some acute, like cancer, lupus and heart disease.

This need not be our fate, we can be healthy, we can be well, but just as we change the oil in our cars ever 3000 miles, we also need to change our oil, cleansing the environment of our bodies.

So how do we cleanse our body?

It must be done in steps, addressing each of these major organs, until we are clear of the waste which has been laying around in our bodies for far too long...


"small changes create large movement"