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Hello, I'm Gabriel...

I've been interested in health, healthy eating and alternative

solutions since the late sixties when I joined a touring

Rock band whose members just all happened to be vegetarian.

circa 1972

Since then, I've lived my life learning what I could through experience and formal education. I've worked at food co-ops, attended seminars, retreats, fasted, tested products and protocols, and just lived with an open mind and heart as best I knew how.

As the century closed a decade had passed where I had not paid as much attention as I should towards my health. I had become very involved in business, worked long hours, ate, drank too much, and lost my serenity.

Then in late 2001 during a scheduled routine physical something came up! My blood counts were way off, my white and platelet counts were severely low and I was referred to a hematologist. After many tests, and four bone marrow biopsies (OUCH!) I was diagnosed with an incurable, untreatable, bone marrow disease, told it was well-established and given not long to live.

I thanked the doctor for her help, looked in her eye and said, "I will not die" and went on a quest for my healing. I'd love to tell you someone laid hands on me and I was instantly healed. No, it didn't happen that way. I'd also love to say I began a single protocol that turned my situation around in a month or two. I didn't. It didn't.

What did happen was through a dogged search, daily seeking, asking, reading, praying and listening, I was led to number of practices and protocols from which I gleaned my "seven steps to health." These steps were not apparent to me while I was in the mist of the journey, but after my healing manifest I found that a combination of diet, exercise, and spiritual work had brought me to it.

Today I'm an Acupuncture Physician, continuously studying so I may further help those who suffer. As I learn more, I will offer more, everything I have to give is yours to have, I will not permit myself the luxury of holding on to any of it, I am but a conduit, my job is to keep it flowing, flowing with "true" healing information. To this I dedicate myself, this is my promise.

This site is a reflection of a work-in-progress, a preview of a book I'm writing. My desire is to share the gift I've been given. As I write, I will publish the pages to this site so you'll have the opportunity of receiving this work and revelation, even as I do.

Enjoy what you read, but more important, apply this information to your lives. It is given in such a way as to be easily adapted to any situation you might find yourself. This is not a diet, but a philosophy, one by which you can find your way to health and healing.

If you feel I can be of help, please feel free to contact me. I have no set fees... We can work it out... Don't be afraid... I'm not in this for the money... My desire is to see you well. I trust the funds I require to live will be supplied...

be blessed, be well, smiles.



"small changes create large movement"