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I've positioned this article to follow detox/cleansing because I've found many folks give up their healing process, of which detox is paramount, because they become frightened or just too uncomfortable to continue...

I learned first hand to “stand fast” during my early years as a health food fanatic.  This is when I began fasting, (circa 74) not because I was sick, but instead for the power it promised both of physical and spiritual strength. Sometime during each fast I would always feel pretty bad, at this time it was most crucial not to stop, for it was then, I was healing...

Fortunately for me I was a part of a wonderful group of folks, a food co-op (all too few of them around today) who brought in fine organic products from around the country, as well as educating both our members and the community at large... Some of the old-timers warned me before hand of this time, this "healing crisis," so when it came I was not afraid and stayed the course...

Years later this education was foundational to my ability to find wellness, for again I needed to detox and re-nourish, but this time I was sick, very sick, and the trials I had before me were to be great… I held on, never doubting the process, I held on and won… I’m well today…

This is why I tell you this; this is why I offer you this information... Please, whether for your general health, or for healing disease; please don't run from these trials, instead, receive them with thanksgiving, knowing that right then, your body is healing...


by KK Fowlkes

"All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared." Herring's Law of Cure.

Dr. Bernard Jensen, The Science and Practice of Iridology, who is probably the world's leading iridologist quotes from the above statement to explain to people how, the body heals. He understands this axiom probably better than any other living person. Why?? Because of his extensive experience - gained from analyzing thousands of irises of patients before and after they embarked upon a natural diet. For example, if he saw through the iris that the patient needed organic sodium, he would prescribe a food rich in it and then he could observe weeks or months later when the healing lines began to appear in the iris. No other type of doctor, treating with any other type medicine or drug can observe through the window of the eye (or any other way) and know whether or not what he has prescribed works..or even what effect it has upon the body. (One exception might be kinesiology)

First, we must understand that drugs suppress symptoms, and that natural herbs or food (wheatgrass) remove them. For instance if someone had a sinus infection and took a drug, the drug would dry up the mucus in the sinus cavities-allowing the person to breathe. Whereas, if they took wheatgrass, it would so vitalize the body that it would eliminate the mucus. Basically the body heals itself anyway, regardless of whether or not a drug has been administered. Actually taking the drug slows down the healing process and at the same time adds toxins to the body. Living foods were designed by the Creator as were living bodies-one for the other. Living foods have theorized to transfer plant energy into living bodies. Dead, (cooked) food cannot. Healing with living food, wheatgrass takes time. First the tissues must be detoxified and then changed to healthy tissue. When old diseased tissue is replaced with healthy new tissue, the healing crisis occurs.

When the body is going through a healing crisis, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from a disease process. Usually the manifestations are similar; however, the healing crisis is a result of the body becoming very healthy and vital as a result of diet.

Sometimes if a person is in a chronic state and has gone through many disease processes in life, he must go through these disease processes in reverse order they happened. (Sometimes the healing crisis is just as intense as the original disease; however, it usually lasts only about 3 days.)

If one has changed his/her diet and is in the process of detoxification, he/she can expect a healing crisis usually within about 3 months from the time he/she starts. (The grass juices speed the process.)

It takes energy for the body to heal itself. We receive energy and life force from the foods God has provided---if we do not alter the food or kill it by heating it above 110 degrees.

Symptoms can be covered up or they can be cured. It is our choice. How do we want it??


"small changes create large movement"