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addiction, substitution and food cravings


bone/belly connection

sugar kills

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rejuvelac living drink

pine needle tea

potassium soup

energy soup

healing gruel

nut cheez and milk

belly breathing

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weight training for the 50 plus

mindful exercise

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squats, rowing, rebounding


redeeming time

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spirit life

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Here are some links to people, places and products I know and believe in...


Jill was very kind and helpful to me while I was in the mist of my disease. Today she facilitates guided fasts at locations around the world.

Visit her site where you find her story as well as many energy-producing products that can assist you in balancing your body's subtle energy field... (Something I accomplish through qigong, but not all have the time and energy needed to learn the art well enough to accomplish the task.)

Bruce is a passionate man. This passion has manifested in the building of a few sites, one of these celebrates his love for the old neighborhood.

If you grew up in Brooklyn I think you'll enjoy... Please do...



"small changes create large movement"