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The lymph nodes act as a filtering station, spongy sacks detecting and collecting foreign and potentially harmful substance in its fluid. Lymph vessels are located throughout the body and are more numerous than blood vessels. The lymphatic system which is four times larger than the blood system, provides the means for each individual cell to get rid of waste directly through the lymph ducts and nodes connected to the small and large intestines.

Lymph handles only cell wastes: however, when the blood is also dumping waste toxins from the intestinal tract into the lymph system via the liver, the lymph becomes overworked and its filtering/neutralizing function is decreased. It is now believed that most pain and inflammation Associated with MARS (Multiple Allergic Response Syndrome also called Environmental Illness) and the inflammatory disorders, occurs from the build-up of toxins stored in the soft and connective tissue. There can also be coldness in the extremities from the swelling and sluggish lymphatic flow.

By ridding these filtering organs of stagnant and putrefying natural and chemical waste, we lessen the strain placed on these already overworked systems, and enable our systems to restore normal functionality and health to our bodies.

First we must understand that the lymph system, unlike the circulatory system has no pump (the heart) to move the fluid through the system, so when we don't move (stagnate) the lymph system goes into standby and begins to collect the toxins and we become toxic..

Lymphatic System

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