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So What Is Real Food Anyway?

For those of you who believe in creation, real food is food as it was in the beginning. Anything that is, as it was, without outside manipulation, is "REAL."

Let's take dairy. Real dairy are milk products which have not been pasteurized, homogenized, fortified, or modified in any fashion, in essence "raw" uncooked milk products .

These products also need be gathered from animals that have not been raised on soy, recycled flesh products, antibiotics or growth hormones.

This is especially true when it comes to meats. The US cattle industry is infamous for the use of these poisons, which are helpful to the rancher, but harmful to the consumer. Animals should be fed their natural feed, grasses in a free range environment exposed to fresh air, sunshine, clean water and humane care. This makes for a happy animal "contented" whose meat will bring life to those who consume it.

The Egg.. Eggs are a great source of protein and not bad for you at all, if cooked, should be poached or soft boiled. The eggs I purchase are label as follows...

Our hens enjoy a life that is different from all others.

  1. They live in spacious, sunlit barns free from cages and have access to porches in good weather.
  2. They eat certified organic feed.
  3. We produce our own feed.
  4. No salmonella enteritidis has ever appeared on our farm.

So an easy test I use is the "look at it" test. Look at what you are about to eat or cook, if you are unable to accuraty identify it, if you cannot say where it originated i.e. from a tree, the ground, the ocean, etc. Then it is probably not real. It has been processed and denatured to the point that your body can no longer recognze it at food an therrefore be unable to use it as such. This is trouble on a plate...




"small changes create large movement"