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Redeeming the time

Our lives consist of a string of moments. Each moment a thought, a word, an idea, a decision, an action, a movement occurs, each a subtle investment into what we call our lives. Considering the only life we truly have is this single breath, this moment, take time to feel it, taste it, move and change it.

Unlike some ideologies, I believe we need not make gross changes in order to bring about great movement, as I stated on the opening page of this site, “a small change in course will manifest as a huge change in final destination.”

Whether you desire charge your body, mind or spirit, it is all apprehendable a moment at a time.  This “way” makes even the most difficult task attainable.  The things and goals that once seemed too far to grasp are now well within your reach. 

Take hold of this present moment, with it firmly in hand you can to mold it into what it needs to be in order to realize the change you desire.  You will then have “redeemed the time” for that specific use according to the intent of your mind.

Remember... what you place your attention and intention on, "that" is what will grow... What do u want growing in your life? Think about it....


"small changes create large movement"