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Rejuvelac - Dr. Ann's living drink

rejuvelac_ann wigmore

While at Creative Health, one of many of the wonderful things to which I was introduced was rejuvelac. This milky liquid was drunk as often as we liked, and we were encouraged to drink much of it. This, like much of what I learned there, has become part of my diet, and something I recommend without hesitation.

Rejuvelac is an enzyme rich, living drink. Usually slightly fizzy, it should taste sweet, grassy, subtle and slightly tart, not sour and unpleasant. It’s rich source of friendly bacteria that will heal your digestive system. It’s delicious, inexpensive and easy to make.

You can make rejuvelac with whole wheat, oats, rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, rice and other grains. I use soft winter wheat.

Drink it as a digestive aid, a detoxifier, and use it as a ‘starter’ for other fermented foods such as raw nut and seed sauces, cheeses and essene breads.

Rejuvelac contains eight of the B vitamins, vitamins E and K, and a variety of proteins, dextrines, carbohydrates, phosphates, saccharines and amylases. It is rich in enzymes that assist both your digestion, and the growth of friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus bifidus. Lactobacillus produces a lactic acid that helps your colon maintain its natural, vitamin producing facility. It also helps cleanse your intestinal tract, and reduce the build-up of sludge on your colon’s walls.

regevelac bottle sm


2 cups of organic wheat berries (grains) or other whole grains.

1 gallon of spring or filtered water.


Step 1 - Sprout the grains

Soak the wheat grains (berries) for about 8 hours after washing them well and discarding any dead, broken or discolored berries. After the period of soaking, drain and keep the berries damp but not wet, rinsing them 2-3 times per day. The berries will take about 2 days to sprout a small tail @ 1 cm, depending on the temperature, their quality, the water you use and other factors.

Step 2 - Make the rejuvelac

After the grains sprout, rise and quick blend them with a quart of water, put them in a glass container adding 6 cups of the spring or filtered water. Keep the container in a quiet dark place, stirring softly (do not raise the mash form the bottom, stir slow and easy) After two days your Rejuvelac will be ready. Store it tightly capped in the fridge.

Check the smell, and of course, if there is the slightest sign of blue / green / black mold throw the whole lot away.

Warmer temperatures will decrease the fermenting times by as much as a third.




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