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Wall Squats, qigong rowing massage and rebounding. All three move lymph and heal.

For thousands of years qigong masters have practiced squatting; they do it to move chi and with out direct knowledge, move lymphatic fluid.



Standing with back against wall.


Slowly bend the knees and allow the back to slide down the wall until the thighs are approximately parallel to the floor. Then, slowly push with the legs to return to the starting position.

Begin with as many as you can comfortably do, increase as your strength allows, keeping mindful of the 70% rule.

I do wall squats, I actually do them holding on to a dip bar, as a method to move lymphatic fluid. If you've read my Lymph page you notice I give great attention to its movement, for a stagnate system will kill you sooner or later.

My assessment is that since a large quantity of lymph nodes reside in the lingual groove, (between your legs) any pumping of that area will be extremely helpful for healing, detox, and well being in general.

Qigong rowing, is another good movement which can be done seated and is more practical, especially for the elderly or injured, or just those who enjoy exercising from the floor...

Sit up with legs out in front, heals facing each other and out as far as you can reach them "without tension." Begin by massaging the "bubbling-well" point, which lies just lateral to the back of the ball of the foot. needle-points-foot

After a minute, begin lightly drawing your hands up the inside of the legs, through "the groove," up to the abdomen and around to the back (kidneys) and then down the outside of the legs back to the feet and begin again in a rowing motion. This massages the stomach, kidneys, liver points and moves chi and lymph. When done correctly; slowly and mindfully, you'll obtain a wonderful soft pumping action that is both very pleasant and quite healing too...

Rebounding is excellent for moving lymph (lymphatic system) but must be done correctly/mindfully or else it will do more harm then good. Do not follow the instructions given by infomercial's that sell mini trampolines. Their intention is to use the device/exercise as a substitute for running or other western calisthenics. These were not meant to heal, but to build muscle and endurance.

Here’s my suggestion. Use alternating step like movements, without toes leaving the trampoline. First with hands at your side, fingers extended, softly reaching towards the floor. Then, one arm at a time reach up with a slight twisting movement at the end of the reach, while the other hand continues its downward movement, then switch and continue, (two-five minutes per side for beginners) finishing again with both hands down...

I find this pumps lymph well, is less taxing to the body, and offers little opportunity for injury...

Here's my favorite rebounder. It's made by the oldest manufacturer of mini trampolines, very easy on the body and very well built.


"small changes create large movement"