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Taoist Dissolving

I was taught this method by the powerful and unique BK Frantzis. The class was three full days long, so understand although the directions below are accurate, much practice and a few emails to me may be required before you truly get it...

Lie on your back in a comfortable position. Breathe a few cleansing breaths, with each breath relax your body and still your mind, become acutely aware of the state of your physical body...

Begin to feel how you feel... The hard places, hot places, cold ones too... Any feeling that is disturbing or feels out of place is your target... Many times these feelings will be accompanied by some emotion, dissolve it too.

Begin at the top of your the very peak of the occipital lobe.(in red) Begin to feel...
brain diagram

This can also be practiced standing. This form is also excellent for building chi... Close your eyes, stand in a relaxed, yet grounded, horse stance, feel the energy flow...
standing meditation
(I favor standing in the morning, and use the other more passive position at night).

Scan your body... Begin with a three inches deep, horizontal slice of yourself... Work your way down a slice at a time... Take whatever time needed to remove the target. Completing the head will require three scans, unless you have an unusually large head... In that case, you be the judge... This is not a short practice, especially at first, but it’s very powerful...

When you encounter feelings, place your focused attention/breath on them. Like a laser beam of attention and intention, create an energy field at that location... This energy will be the exact balancing agent needed to return that place to balance, and the feeling will be gone.

This dissolving method is rooted in Taoist healing arts, and is conservatively many hundreds of years old... This method not only dissolves physical discomfort, but also emotions, since they are tied and one will affect the other.

I use this meditation as an opening to qigong and dao-in (Chinese Yoga)...

You are energy!


"small changes create large movement"