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Weight training for the over 50 crowd

This little piece was written in response to a question I received from cyberspace

The gentleman wrote....

I'm in my fifties and have decided to rebuild my neglected body. What would you recommend for weight training?

I believe all training is good training as long as it is done mindfully and according to what I was taught by qigong master BK Frantzis.

These ideas are expanded upon here… click!

This can be applied to any form of movement and although not well thought of by the “bigger is better, more is best folks,” it has helped the Chinese live well for thousands of years.

So for weight training these are my recommendations...

Find a weight you can do sets of 20 reps with, take that weight down 30 % and go for it…

Never push your body till it shakes, neither from the weight or the repetitions.  This will build strength, offer you some mild increase in bulk, yet never harm your body.

Know that as soon as you go beyond the 70% your body will tense up; qi, blood and lymph will stop moving and the exercise becomes more harmful than good.

Look at my body... after all the suffering, I'm in great shape, still looking good at 62 years of age.

gabriel forzano_wet



"small changes create large movement"